Adequate and sustainable long-term water supply is vital to the health and development of any single community and our region as a whole.

Regional cooperation is more cost effective for all communities involved and prevents competition for the same water through a cooperative approach.

Current Members

Carthage Water & Electric, represented by Chuck Bryant and Jason Choate

City of Branson, represented by Kendall Powell

City of Joplin, represented by David Hertzberg

City of Monett, represented by Skip Schaller

City of Mt. Vernon, represented by Joe Kelley

City of Republic, represented by Andrew Nelson

City of Nixa, represented by Doug Colvin

City of Ozark, represented by Jeremy Parsons

City of Springfield, represented by Errin Kemper

City of Willard, represented by Brad Gray

City Utilities of Springfield, represented by Steve Stodden

Empire District Electric Company, represented by Drew Landoll

Greene County, represented by Kevin Barnes

Jasper County, represented by John Bartosh

Missouri-American Water Company, represented by Matt Barnhart

Pierce City, represented by Julie Johnson

Stone County, represented by Mark Maple