What is the Southwest Missouri Joint Municipal Water Utility Commission?

The Southwest Missouri Joint Municipal Water Utility Commission is a coalition of public water suppliers from southwest Missouri who are pooling their resources to develop additional regional water supply and infrastructure. SWMO Water is a Joint Municipal Utility Commission as established by Missouri law. The Joint Municipal Utility Commission Act, Sections 393.700 to 393.770 RSMo, authorizes municipalities, public water supply districts and other public sector entities of the State of Missouri to contract together and create a jointly owned water utility. This utility is a separate governmental entity, constituting a political subdivision. It’s members pool their money to fund projects and then share the benefit of those projects.

The Commission was developed by the board of directors of the Tri-State Water Coalition. The SWMO Joint Municipal Water Utility Commission and Tri-State Water Coalition are legally separate organizations with companion goals. Tri-State Water provides advocacy and education about regional water supply and the SWMO Joint Municipal Water Utility Commission works to develop projects to secure and deliver additional water supply to member communities in southwest Missouri.

For more information about regional water supply issues visit our sister organization Tri-State Water Resource Coalition.